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Water-Wasting Lawn Replacement

2018 - Challenged to replace the lawn with a drought-resistant garden, students prepare the area with sheet mulching and drainage.

Succulent Sale! October 2018 Student-planted succulents. Sold out!


Compost Cake

37 Layer Compost Cake created by 4th Grade. A "time capsule of decay". Layers include: dryer lint, weeds, newspaper, neglected chard from the bottom of the fridge, eggshells, Dad's tea, Grandpa's kitchen scraps, etc.... At the very top of the cake, one of Miss Carmen's special pumpkin seeds planted.

Garden Beds

5th Grade made garden beds this year for the upper grades. 4th has planted salad, 5th and 6th a variety of summer vegetables.


3rd Grade was challenged to make shelters with redwood limbs and found objects in the garden.

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